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Canadian Film Fest: Ben's At Home Director, Mars Horodyski

UPDATE: MARCH 27-Pacific Northwest Pictures announced today that they have acquired all Canadian rights to BEN'S AT HOME, the hilarious new relationship comedy from Canadian writer/director Mars Horodyski and writer/actor Dan Abramovici. PNP’s Emily Alden, Vice President, said, “We’re excited to be sharing this hilarious and heart-warming film with Canadian audiences. BEN'S AT HOME is the perfect film for lovers, best friends and comedy fans to enjoy together.”  The film will be released in theatres across Canada in May 2015 and on Video On Demand (VOD) platforms including iTunes, Shaw, Rogers and Bell in July 2015.
Source: PNP press release.

I first met Mars Horodyski  years ago through her involvement with First Weekend Club. The Canadian Film Centre alumnus has kept busy directing short films, documentaries, and series television. Her first feature film, "Ben's At Home", already the recipient of several awards, is screening at this ye…

Toronto ComiCon Artist Profile: Amy Spaulding

In the second of my Toronto ComiCon artist profile, I decided to check out the work of Amy Spaulding, gal pal of my first profile artist, Deena Pagliarello.

donna g:A lot of your work has a retro/pin-up feel. Could you please comment on why this style appeals to you? Amy Spaulding: This developed from a great love of mid-century style. Whether it be pulp fiction covers, pinups, advertising and travel posters etc. I am also a huge fan of rockabilly music which has greatly effected my aesthetic. Even my cats are named Wanda and Jackson. I also really appreciate how kitsch works so effortlessly well with geek culture and allows me to explore some lighter, humorous moments.
donna g: What software do you use to create your pieces?
Amy Spaulding: I actually create a majority of my work in Sketch Book Pro. For me it was the most intuitive software.  I originally was an oil painter and stumbled around in Photoshop but really found my technique and work flow beginning in Sketch Book. That being s…

Toronto ComicCon Artist Profile: Deena Pagliarello aka Deena Draws

In a previous post, I mentioned my appreciation of Artist Alley at Toronto ComicCon. Illustrator, Deena Pagliarello aka Deena Draws is one of many artists you will encounter in that enclave over the three days of the convention.

donna g:What is it about Toronto ComicCon that keeps you coming back?
Deena Pagliarello: I started attending Fan Expo in 2009 as a con goer. I always felt that there was a great sense of community among people who enjoy the nerdier things in life. I had a couple of friends who had tables there that year and I thought I should give it a shot. In 2011, I shared a table with my talented friend Amy* and we loved it, so when they introduced Toronto ComicCon in March, I decided to try my hand at that one. And truth be told, it's a lot more manageable size and stress wise but still remains fun. donna g: Organizing for a Con must be nerve-wracking. How do you know decide what to bring? Do you focus on a theme or go with a variety of subject matters? 
Deena Pagliarell…

Toronto ComicCon: No Fear of This Alley

One of my favourite areas at Toronto ComicCon is the Artist Alley, where you can meet legends and up-and-coming artists all in the same space! Pencillers, inkers and writers! Oh, my! I love watching these artists at work, and with various price points, you can always find something to take home with you--maybe even a sketch of...well, you!
Love a good battle? An event I never miss is the Sketch Dual, where artists duke it out sketching brand new creations, while answering audience questions about their work. At the end of each session, two lucky people will walk away with an original illustration signed by each dueller. Who wouldn't want a sketch from the duelling teams ofMike Del Mundo vs Marco Rudy vso Michael Walsh or Michael Golden/Neal Adams vs. Chris Sprouse/Nick Bradshaw, to name a couple of participants coming to this year's Con?

I don't sew, I don't make armour, I don't do specialty make-up, but I do enjoy attending the Cosplay workshops, and panels to …

Canadian Screen Awards 2015

The 2015 Canadian Screen Awards shone the spotlight on all sectors of the true North's film, television and digital media industry last week, culminating in a two-hour gala broadcast hosted by the hilarious Andrea Martin, who delivered a côterie of jokes ( penned by comedy teams from the camps of  Martin Short, Steve Martin and David Letterman) with the surefootedness that Oscar hosts can only dream.

In film, Xavier Dolan's Mommy was a huge winner that night, including the top award for  Best Picture. The volcanic, Pompeii took home several awards for its technical achievements--not bad for a sword and sandal epic shot on the grounds of a parking lot on Etobicoke, eh? The music category saw a nice win for Dr.Cabbie, with Manjeet Ral and Parmjit Sarai dancing away with  the award for Original Song with "Dal Makhani".

Television's Orphan Black added several more trophies to their shelves this year, including another well-deserved nod to Tatiana Maslany, while Jaso…