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Fringe Worthy!

The 25 Annual Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival wraps up this weekend. Why not treat yourself to a good theatre experience. Here are my recommendations of Fringe worthy plays, that are definitely worth your time and $10.
Cold Comfort
Fort Isabel
God is a Scottish Drag Queen
Stealing Sam
Strolling Player
The Truth About Comets
For venues and show times visit:

Which of these 9 Fringe Shows Would You Pick?

9 shows all pitch their reasons why you should see their shows. Have a read and listen. Just a heads up that the shows are listed in alphabetical order and not as you hear them in the video. Cheers!

COLD COMFORT Cold Comfort tells the story of Kevin Toner, a bricklayer living in a self-imposed exile in England, who returns to Belfast after a 15-yeaabsence.

Genre(s): Drama, Show length: 60min.
Warnings: Mature Language
This performance is not accessible for non-English speakers

VENUE: St. Vlad's Theatre, 620 Spadina

SHOW TIMES: July 04 08:15 PM, July 06 11:30 PM, July 07 09:15 PM, July 09 01:00 PM, July 10 06:00 PM, July 11 01:45 PM, July 13 03:30 PM

Two children find a dead body in rural Ontario. Their town flies into a queer panic, but the children stay silent. Eight years later, one of the friends disappears without warning.

Genre(s): Play, Show length: 60min
This performance is not accessible for non-English speakers.