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Novel Suprises

Graphic novels are agreat way to diversify your reading habits, and you don't even have to venture too far from your comfort zone. As with attempting anything new try reading a book that's similar to what you normally read. So, if you like biographies  then stick to those; if you like detective fiction, then don't try a romance as your first venture. You might find that you like the freedom in which the writers and illustrators are able to communicate ideas in a way that text alone cannot do.

Alan Harnum, from the Toronto Public Library and blogger HeidyMo( joined me to discuss TMTM's latest Book Club selection, LUCHADORAS by Peggy Adam. Alan has an extensive knowledge of graphic books and he was happy to share a short list o books with us, and with you. As with all TMTM Book Club selection, these books are available in the Toronto Public Library System, and Alan has provided the corresponding links, so happy reading!

Alansuggests:Fun Home A…

Speaking in Tongues

It was a pleasure to talk to award-winning actress, Yanna McIntosh about her roles in Speaking in Tongues.

Berkely Street Theatre
26 Berkely Street
Oct. 29 - Nov. 24, 2012