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SUMMERWORKS REVIEWS: Breathe for Me, FACTS, Violent Be Violet

Real Eyes Theatre

Factory Theatre
Sat. August 18, 7:30 PM
Warning: Mature Language

Breathe for Me is a two-hander starring Deborah Kipp as Edith and Peggy Mahon as Edna, two characters in their seventies who have navigated the long road of friendship, interrupted at times by distance and at one point, prison.  Wheelchair-bound Edna has a respiratory illness and refuses, despite Edith's advice, to go to the doctor. Edith enjoys having her high school friend living with her but abhors her stubbornness. Both women have had a problem with booze, and made decisions that they regretted, but at this stage of their lives it's time to face up to those mistakes and lost opportunities, and Edna especially needs to know the answer to a burning question. Jesse Strong's script brims with the brash honesty and lies of aged friendship, with lines delivered with wonderful comic timing and rock solid seriousness as needed. Edna is the more colourful of the two wo…

REVIEWS: SummerWorks 2012

SummerWorks Performance Festival"is the place where dedicated, professional artists are free to explore new territory and take artistic risks." Besides juried plays, the Festival also includes Music, a Performance Bar, and Live Art. Here are my thoughts on a couple of plays:

MotionLive/cric crac collective or Warning: Strong and mature language, Smoking

Lower Ossington Theatre
Thur. August 16, 10:00 PM
Sat. August 18, 5:00 PM

The moment she steps onto the stage, you can feel the worries and exhaustion that cloud Amanda Parris' character Aneemah, as she takes off her shoes and sits down on the couch in her apartment. Soon, she is joined by Wan (Araya Mengesha), but not before director, Dian Marie Bridge gives us time to absorb Aneemah's silent burden. And there are more moments of silence in this play, moments that ring true when the situation concerns people on the day of a friend's funeral. T…

Revisiting the Sistas: d'bi.young and Donisha Prendergast

In honour of Jamaica's 50 Year of Independence, I decided to rebroadcast two interviews I did in 2010. What better way to celebrate the island nation, than to showcase two young daughters who are doing so much to promote Jamaican culture, while establishing themselves as creative forces on the international scene. Up first is my interview with Dora Award winning playwright, dubpoet, actor and educator, d'bi.young, daughter of one of the original dub poets, Anita Stewart. In this interview, d'bi talks about creating the "wombanifesto" CD, the importance of giving back to community, and her future endeavours. Secondly, you will hear from Bob and Rita Marley's granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast (who joins the conversation from Florida), and producers Patricia Scarlett (Scarlett Media), and Marilyn Grey. At the time of the interview, the women were in the process of filming RASTA!-A Soul's Journey, a documentary that has since exploded onto the internation…