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FRINGE THIS! 11 shows, 11 Pitches, 5 Minutes Each, Go!

Can you say EXHAUSTED!? That's what I am right now after hosting and producing my Annual 5-Minute Fringe Showcase. This year, instead of my usual 10 shows "selling" their shows to you in 5 minutes or less, I had 11. When I went into the Map Room at Hart House to meet everyone, I didn't expect that everyone there would be a Fringe-er. The room was packed! Eleven shows, but 20 people! I must admit that it was a bit overwhelming, but everyone was so co-operative and in such good spirits, that it made my job of organizing everything run quickly and smoothly. While in the Map Room, each show picked their on air order by lottery (ok, bits of orange scrap paper folded to hide the numbers) and I did a quickie Q and A with each show while Jason Murray,of THE DINNER (whom I had never met before) took pictures of the gang. He didn't even question me when I put my camera in his hand and directed him to do photo duty--what a trooper! Photos are in the order each play stepped up to the mic.

Daniel Kim, Adriana Crivici, Cydney Penner
Soup Can Theatre
VENUE: Randolph Theatre
July 04 06:30 PM, July 06 10:30 PM, July 08 01:15 PM
July 09 08:15 PM, July 10 01:00 PM, July 13 05:15 PM

Dir. Celeste Percy-Beauregard and Josh Browne
SoCo Productions
VENUE: 401 Richmond (at Richmond and Spadina)
July 5, 6:00 pm, July 6, 6:00 pm, July 12, 6:00 pm
July 13, 6:00 pm, July 14, 5:00 pm

Morgonn Ewen (Annabelle) w/Vlad Jon Cubrt 
VENUE: Tarragon Extra Space
July 06 09:15 PM, July 07 03:30 PM, July 08 04:45 PM
July 11 05:45 PM, July 12 03:30 PM, July 13 01:45 PM
July 15 07:30 PM

John Coburn (designer), Vlad Jon Cubrt (writer/dir.)
Zocalo Toronto
VENUE: Tarragon Main Space
July 04 07:00 PM, July 07 09:15 PM, July 08 06:30 PM, 
July 10 01:15 PM, July 11 02:15 PM, July 13 03:30 PM

Jerry Silverberg's play is adapted from"Something From Nothing" 
VENUE: Palmerston Library Theatre
July 07 07:15 PM, July 08 11:00 AM, July 09 04:15 PM
July 10 12:45 PM, July 11 02:45 PM, July 13 07:45 PM
July 14 02:15 PM, July 15 03:30 PM

Basel Daoud (Death), Dir. Ruth Pe Palileo
Socratic Theatre Collective
VENUE:University College Quadrangle, 15 Kings College Circle
July 07 07:00 PM, July 08 02:00 PM, July 13 07:00 PM
July 14 07:00 PM, July 15 02:00 PM
Represented by Celeste and Josh of ENGLAND
VENUE: Annex Theatre
July 04 10:30 PM, July 08 12:30 PM, July 09 08:30 PM
July 11 03:30 PM, July 12 11:00 PM, July 13 04:30 PM
July 14 05:45 PM
Kevin Fox, producer of Sarah Skinner's Belly Dancing
adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson version of
The Little Mermaid
Sisters of Salome
VENUE: Helen Garndiner Phelan Playhouse
July 06 10:30 PM, July 08 07:15 PM, July 10 06:30 PM
July 11 04:00 PM, July 12 06:00 PM, July 13 11:00 PM
July 15 05:45 PM
Actor, Claire Acot and Dir. Jenny Salisbury
 Audience tweeting/texting expected and welcome!
Footpath Productions
VENUE: Theatre Passemuraille Main Space
July 05 06:30 PM, July 07 02:15 PM, July 08 07:30 PM
July 09 05:15 PM, July 11 09:30 PM, July 12 07:00 PM
July 13 11:30 PM

The cast of TICK with Dir. Jajube Mandiela (front right)
Lallygag Theatre
VENUE: George Ignatieff Theatre
July 05 08:15 PM, July 08 07:30 PM, July 09 02:00 PM, July 11 02:15 PM,
 July 12 04:00 PM, July 13 08:30 PM, July 14 05:45 PM
Jason Murray, writer and my impromtu photographer. Thanks, Jason!
Upstage Productions
VENUE: Factory Theatre Main Space
July 04 08:15 PM, July 07 05:15 PM, July 09 02:45 PM
July 10 06:30 PM, July 11 05:15 PM, July 13 12:00 PM
July 15 07:00 PM

The Toronto Fringe Festival
July 4-15th (various venues mostly in the Bathurst/Bloor area)
$11 Advance Tickets
$10 At the Door
FringeKids (children $5)

Photo Credit: Jason Murray


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