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From Teenagers to Grandmothers at Hot Docs 2012

My Thoughts On...Inocente, Oma and Bella, Not a Car Wash, Wildness, Women with Cows 

Fifteen year-old San Diego artist, Inocente, has an amazing talent. Her works, like the make up she dons daily, is full of vibrant colours, fanciful curves, and infectious joy. Each of her paintings has a story behind them, some of which she shares with us in this documentary. Thanks to a program called A.R.T.S (A Reason To Survive), Inocente's innate talents are being recognized, and as she continues to transfer her dreams to her canvasses, she wins the daily battle against depression and her status as an illegal resident who has never stayed in one place longer than three months.  Go see this film, not to feel sorry for Inocente, but to experience the humour in her work, and to hear her innocent yet mature response to the life. English and Spanish with English subtitles. Sun, Apr 297:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 Mon, Apr 306:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 3
Fri, May 411:00 AM
The ROM Theatre


Love and Magic at Hot Docs 2012

My Thoughts On...Ballroom Dancer, Breath, Planet of Snail, The Field of Magic, The Queen of Versailles
BALLROOM DANCER.  With it's brooding, volatile male lead, and a tempestuous romance to boot, this film feels more like a fiction feature than a documentary. After being crowned a champion in Latin American Dance, 34 year old Slavik had decided to re-enter the competition ten years later to regain his title. Problem is, his former partner continues to reap success with someone else, while Slavik and his new partner (also his lover) are still learning how to move as one.  A shirtless Slavik is beautiful to watch, but it's his athleticism, his drive, and the way he approaches dance with the same fervor as his martial arts training that brings an unexpected element to this doc.  The dancer as athlete is very much a part of this film, and that should appeal to those who know how difficult it is to prepare the body and mind to be at its best on competition day.  Slavik's dedicat…

Donate Today and Win!

Today is D-Day. Donation Day, that is! Donate $25 or more to The More the Merrier Arts Radio, and you will have a chance to win tickets to TIFF Hitchcock Master Classes with Guillermo del Toro (courtesy of TIFF) or a pair of tickets to the surtitled (listen in French, follow in English) performance of  "The Pain in the Ass/L'Emmerdeur" (courtesy of Theatre Francais de Toronto).  TODAY: 1-2pm. 416-946-7800/1-888-204-8976 or

Put Your Money Where Your Ears Are: Support The More the Merrier Arts Radio on Sat. April 21st!

CIUT 89.5 FM Spring Membership Drive is now on!  If you're able to donate $25 or more and become a member of CIUT  you would be helping me towards my show's membership goal (and maybe win some great swag); however, since The More the Merrier is a show that supports artists it's only fair that, like artists, I offer the opportunity to Donate-What-You-Can.

Pledges can be made RIGHT NOW: on line at using a credit card or Pay Pal, by calling 416-946-7800 or toll free 1-888-204-8976 or in person at the CIUT office at 7 Hart House Circle. Be sure to list The More the Merrier as your favourite show! You can also feel free to contact me at and I'll be more than happy to fill out your donation form for you! 
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Aravind Adiga's "The White Tiger" A Book Club Winner

The The More the Merrier's Book Club was successfully launched with Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger. Joining me for the on air discussion were bloggers, Heidy M ( and Khamal M (, and Marek Saulig, my former (now on call) technical operator. The social satire set in India, and dealing with the shenanigans of Balram, a murder, thinker and entrepreneur made for a lively discussion about social status, politics and nerve. As will all future TmTm Book Club selections, The White Tiger is readily available at the Toronto Public Library, your local new/used book stores, or on line. Stay tuned for our next selection...

Listen to our discussion:

Rating: Buy or Borrow? 2 buys: Khamal M, and donna g; 2 borrows: Heidy M, and Marek

May I recommend the following books for those interested in an Indian setting:

...and, of course, any of Balram aka The White Tiger's favourite poets Rumi, Iqbal, Mirza, and Ghalib. Happy reading!


Making Friends at Toronto Comic Con 2012

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con
April 14 - 15
Metro Convention Centre