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2010 Oscar Picks/Winners

POST-OSCAR UPDATE. Well the Oscars are over, and what a snoozefest that was! Yes, the Oscars always drag, but the teaming ofAnne HathawayandJames Francowas an absolute mess. Poor Annie sang, danced and grinned her way through with no help from Jimmy Boy, but she couldn't carry the show on her young inexperienced shoulders. Didn't you notice the energy in the Kodak Theatre and in your living room pick up whenBilly Crystalcame on stage? Alas, that was too brief a moment to savour! Who knew thatKirk Douglas, a Stroke survivor with a speech impediment would have stolen the show. Experience shows, people!

So, how did you do in your Oscar pool? As usual, I lost (see WINNERS below in RED). I will always go with my heart just in case the Academy voters do too, and a surprise happens. With 7 winners selected,Kirk Cooper of Film Market Access wins our pool.

Feb. 26th Post
Hope you had a chance to listen to last Saturday's TmTm to hear my guests and I select our Oscar Picks. If not, her…

You DO Know Jack: Jack Cardiff Retrospective at TIFF Bell Lightbox (until Feb 21)

JACK CARDIFF. More than likely you have seen at least one film photographed or directed by Jack Cardiff. The legendary cinematographer has worked such diverse pictures as the Bogart/Hepburn classic, The African Queen (screens Sat. Feb. 19th, 4:30 pm) and Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo 2. Admired by many cinematographers for his black and white photography and his innovative use of the Technicolor camera, Jack Cardiff, is the man behind the lens, the man often requested by top directors and box office stars.

I can’t think of a better place in Toronto to see his work than in a place called The Lightbox. Beginning February 13th and running until February 21st, you will have the opportunity (and please do take it!) to experience the world created by Jack Cardiff. It doesn’t matter in which order you see the films in the TIFF Bell Lightbox retrospective, but if you can only see one film then I suggest you see the Craig McCall’s documentary Cameraman: The Life & Work of Jack Cardiff, which f…

MODRA: It's All In the Family for Director, Ingrid Veninger

"It's Slovakia, asshole!"17 year old Lina yells from her window at her departing ex-boyfriend, Tyler (who has confused Slovakia with Slovenia). So begins the Canadian teen flick with a difference called MODRA by writer, director, producer, Ingrid Veninger. Veninger is best known for her role as producer of the multiple-Genie Award noniminated, NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY by Charles Officer. I had a chance to interview Veninger about the film in which Lina, having been dumped by Tyler, impulsively asks a boy (Leco) from her school to accompany her on her vacation to Slovakia, where she will be reunited with family she hasn't seen since she was a child. Below is my interview with Veninger about this very personal film.

donna g: One of the things I admire about MODRA is the independent spirit behind it: your spirit. You wrote, directed, and produced a very personal film and then braved the waters to get the film seen. Once you knew that the Toronto International Film Festival (…