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Who Will Win the Dora Tonight?

The Dora Mavor Moore Awards are being given out tonight, and I am curious to find out who will win in the various categories: General Theatre, Independent Theatre, Dance, Opera, Theatre for Young People. I was very pleased, when the nominees were announced, to see that some of the nominees (see those below in blue) had been guests on my show. Hope you had a chance to hear those interviews. 

Have you seen any of these shows? Your favourite play not listed? Please feel free to share your feedback by leaving a comment.


Parfumerie -Soulpepper Theatre Company
If We Were Birds - Tarragon Theatre in association with Groundwater Productions
Hamlet - Produced by Necessary Angel / Presented by Harbourfront Centre's World Stage
Courageous - Tarragon Theatre in co-production with Citadel Theatre
7 Stories - The Canadian Stage Company in co-production with Theatre Calgary

The Walworth Far…

Don't Just Stand There! Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival

There are 150 plays/performances in this year's Fringe Festival, and I think I got an email from all of them. With a one-hour radio show, I can only accommodate a few people, so I went through my emails and comprised a guest list from those who had contacted me way back in May. My guest list criteria also included chosing a variety of perfomances that had that indie, take-a-chance-on-me creative energy that I love about the Fringe.

Each of my guests had 5 minutes to "sell" their shows, and I must say that I think I chose well. Everybody brought their I-want-you-to-see-my-show excitement to the table, and I had a wonderful time engaging with actress Meghan Tuck ("Jill" in Fairy Tale Ending), Claire Frances Muir (co-writer, puppeteer, Kissing Swinburne), Sarah Thorpe (director, Love is a Poverty You Can Sell), Linette Doherty (director/choreographer, METRO), Ashley Botting (actress, Pick of the Fringe), Elise Newman (writer/director, Raven for a Lark), and Marko P…


Tune it to TmTm on Saturday, June 19th from 1-2pm to hear participants of the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival tell you why you should go see their plays/performances!

Each guest will have 5 minutes to "sell" their show, so if you haven't planned your Fringe schedule yet or you have never been to the Fringe, this is the show for you.
The Fringe
Toronto's Theatre Festival
June 30th - July 10th (All Tickets $10)