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Toronto Comic Con: The Comic Book Guys

Went to Toronto Comic Con on Saturday and, as expected, it was a lot busier than my leisurely afternoon on Friday. Had to get this picture in with Gil Gerard and, yes, I donated my $5.00 to Erin Gray's charity (a women's shelter) like everyone else who got a photo with Gil. I also stopped by to say hello to Luna (BarBara Luna) and take a photo for her with a fan who had forgotten to bring his camera. Turned out they both had Hungarian roots (Luna's father is Portuguese/Spanish/Filipino).

This time round, I focused on the comic book guys and had some great conversations. I had no idea that Toronto had so many comic book writers/illustrators, and they were well-represented at the con. Not all of them do the work full time (a lot have day jobs), but I admire their dedication to their art. I’m also grateful to them for coming to the convention and displaying their various styles, techniques and visions with peers, fans and gaping guppies like me.

Sean Wyatt (Sewer Rat series…

Toronto Comic Con: Name That Hero!

I went to a costume contest down at Toronto Comic Con and, newbie that I am, I didn’t know most of the characters on parade. Thanks to my appeal to Toronto Comic Con fans, I now know who these characters are. Thanks for your help, guys.

I managed to take some pictures, but found that not many contestants took the time to pose for the camera. The pictures I got were for of the extroverted ones who lived for the flickering of the flash. I eventually told them to “halt” and some did, but others were too shy.

I know Wolverine. My husband Hugh Jackman plays him in the movies.

Thanks to a poster for letting me know that this is the character Kallen from Code Geass.

Yes! Arnie played him in the movie. Predator. Wish I had captured the sound he made as he walked around. He devised the audio himself.

Captain America.

"Baby" Captain America (the prize she won was bigger than her!), "Little" Mystique and "Boy" Vader.