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New Year's Day Couch Viewing

Looking for a break from the hectic holidays? Why not try out a couple of these DVDs?
I am very happy to know that Charles Officer's first feature film, NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY. is sometimes not available at my local mainstream video rental store. The fact that is is renting means that more people than the usual art house or Canadian film film lover (like me) are taking a chance on this wonderful love story. See my review.

I'VE LOVED YOU FOR SO LONG(Il y a longtemps que je t'aime) with Kristen Scott Thomas. One of my faves from 2008 about two sisters reuniting after many years. Don't read "chick flick" just because it's about sisters. The movie is paced like a mystery. In French with English subtitles. See my review.

IT'S NOT ME, I SWEAR! Didn't you or a kid you know utter these words when you were a kid? Yes, another French one, but this time from Québec about a young boy dealing with his parents divorce. Heartbreaking and funny at the same time. French w…

Images: Batuki Music Society's Africa Meets First Nations Project

THANKS to Nadine McNulty (below left), I have been having a great time at the Lula Lounge lately. If you were there on December 6th to see David West, and heard a loud group of enthusiasts near the front of the stage, that's where I was. No, we weren't friends of the band, we were just enjoying the musical sounds of Batuki Music Society's Africa Meets First Nations project; in this case Africa met Ecuador.

In my boisterous crowd was eight-year old Chrystal L. (above right), the neice of Golan S., a new supporter of TmTm. (You may remember that Golan won my show prize package during CIUT's Fall Fundraising Campaign.) Chrystal was my photographer for the evening taking lots of snaps of David West's ensemble Choclo y la Orgia Cosmica and leaving me lots of opportunity to just dance!

Golan and his sister, Zorah (Chrystal's mother) were not shy about showing their appreciation of the band. Heidy M. (not pictured) was also part of our small but very vocal crowd and poi…