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Michel Ocelot, Acclaimed Animator and "Enchanter"

Michel’s Ocelot’s happy childhood is perhaps the reason behind his desire “to enchant” his audience with his stunning animated films. I have been under his spell since viewing Kirkou and the Sorceress, Princes and Princesses and Azur and Asmar in various years at Sprockets: Toronto International Film Festival for Children. Colour and the African presence is a common theme in his work—an influence of his spending a few years of his childhood in Guinea. Returning to France every summer, it always took him a few days to adjust to the “colourless people in the street”.

Speaking to him from his home in Paris, the former two-time President of the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation, becomes the most excited when speaking about his desire to return to the style of Princes. Kirkou expresses Ocelot’s skill in classic animation, Azur his ability to work in 2D as well as 3D, but Princes is perhaps the most taxing as it is painstakingly done in stop-motion animation, with each …